2017 Hopes

It’s out with the old, and in with the new. Goodbye skies of grey, hello skies of blue.


Welcome to 2017! Another year!! I’m starting to feel fairly old at the thought that 2007 was now 10 years ago, 10 whole years! I hope the new year has treated you well so far, and that you had a great night partying/staying in/working/whatever.

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2016: my year in review

The end of the year, the start of a new

Today is the 30th December 2016, the penultimate day of 2016. It is widely up for debate whether this year has been average, or pretty abysmal. Sure, a lot of well known deaths have shook the year, Dr Donald Henderson, Alan Rickman, George Michael and Carrie Fisher to name yet a few. And yeah, it’s been pretty divisive politically too, the results of Brexit and the US Election have split families and made the talk over Christmas dinner particularly explosive. But has it all been that bad??

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Christmas Traditions

Although I’m not sure how it’s the holidays already, I am excited for Christmas

Hey guys,

Before I get all seasonal on you all, let me just update you on the last week of my life

Exams: smashed

Essays: submitted

Alcohol: consumed

Overall, a pretty good time.

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The last week at University

The last week before Christmas when you can’t get seasonal because deadlines.

Hello pals,

It’s been over two weeks since I’ve wrote here, and I swear I thought about writing something at least four times. Due to my nature, I obviously ¬†haven’t and now I feel guilty about not updating. I feel mostly guilty for myself, I’m doing this so I can look back at my memz whilst at university. (memz being my shitty shortening for memories, obvs)

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Things I’ve learned at university

I’ve learned lots, except anthropology related issues

It has been ten weeks to the day since I marked my transition to adult by moving 241 miles from my home to London for university. I’ve definitely learned a lot over these weeks, and in the biggest clich√© of bloggers, here are my top ones in a handy list.

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Where is home? Coming to terms with change.

So against all odds, we made it this far. By “we” I mean, myself and the grand total of zero readers I have accumulated. And by “this far” I mean literally just a second post. Honestly, the thought of writing this only came to me during my lecture on Political Anthropology; as interesting as it was, my mind does still wander.

And even as I’m writing this, as a distraction from typing notes, I find myself needing further distractions, whether that be painting my nails a shade suitable for mermaids, or updating my icon on Twitter.

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