Hello and welcome!

You might be wondering “why is this called the extra notes?”

Good question, and in all honesty, it’s because everything else I thought of whilst making this had already been taken, and I certainly wasn’t up for just using my name. There is some reasoning behind it, and it just stems from the use of “extra.” Amongst my flat mates at university,  anything good, dramatic, bold, over the top can be described as extra. I like to think this is something I brought. Some people loathe it, and brand it trash. That’s the beauty of it.

Another thing I recently started trying out (with limited success) was to start replacing adjectives with random geographical locations. e.g. when my drink is too hot, I’d exclaim “That is too Montreal!!” I think it’s great but it hasn’t caught on.

I’m Liv, a first year anthropology student living in London. This is my blog

Thanks for reading


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