A well overdue catch up

BBCR1 comes to Hull!!


Oops I did it again.

I neglected my blog for other pursuits. Such other pursuits include: essays, exams, moving out of halls, going to Madrid, and the BBCR1 academy. Not a very good excuse, I know but it happened and now I’m back.

Since I last posted three months ago, I have submitted no less than six 2000 word essays and one exam. I’m just waiting to hear back from a few more results, but so far I’m averaging around 67% on my modules meaning I’m working at a “strong and stable” 2:1. Now don’t get me wrong, I am very proud of myself for my efforts, but quite simply, a 2:1 isn’t enough for me and in my second year I will definitely endeavour to achieve a first.

I moved out of University halls last weekend, and so I’m living back at home for the summer which is great. I also have a part time job lined up so I can finally start earning again; to be honest I really have missed making an income this academic year; and it wasn’t down to lack of trying to get hired. I think simply, my CV requires more pizzazz. It was sad to leave halls, but I will not miss the noise, the drug abusers or the 3am fire alarm. Next year I’m living nearby to my university with two close friends so that will be my next adventure. I’m also looking to join some more societies, maybe the student media one that provides magazines, radio shows and online content across the University. This increased desire in working in media has led me to my next topic: the BBC Radio 1 Academy (and Big Weekend.)

Some of you may know, that Hull is currently the UK City of Culture, which brings lots of opportunities to the glorious city, one of which is a lot of attention from the BBC. This upcoming weekend is the BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend which will host some of the world’s biggest artists. Not only that, but this week Hull has been home to the Radio 1 Academy, aiming at encouraging young adults into a career in the media. I thoroughly enjoyed attending and it really sparked my interest into working in television/radio once again.

Who knows what will happen next




Author: theextranotes

eighteen year old student living in London. posting thoughts on anything and everything. lover of all things extra.

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