Hard work is paying off

A nightmare at Kings Cross, and a lot of personal achievement.


Hello again,

Sorry I’ve been a little absent lately, in all honesty I’ve just been trying to enjoy time at home, with my wonderful parents whilst I could. Yesterday I took the journey back down to the big city of London, and I felt out of touch with the pace; having spent a month in a quiet town.

It’s not easy to travel 200 miles by yourself, especially when you’re carrying a suitcase, a rucksack and a few carrier bags full of all your possessions. The real fun starts when you get into London, once again I got stuck in the ticket barrier. After the last time this mishap occurred I thought I had learnt my lesson and believed the way forward was to push the case in front of my body, instead of sideways so it didn’t wedge in the doors. Oh how I was wrong. The ticket barrier closed after my case, meaning my arm, as well as my suitcase and carrier bag were on the side of the barrier that my body was not. Moment of panic, followed by several more of deep seated embarrassment.

Some could see that moment of trauma as initiation into London. It wouldn’t be London without a moment of humiliation in public, then pretending to play it off as natural.

Now I’m back and settled at university, with my classes beginning again on Monday, although I do have a very busy week upcoming due to the University hosting ReFreshers week, a tradition to start Semester 2, with a week similar to the Freshers of September. Alongside the week of partying, and lectures, I also have a close friend from home visiting midweek for a visit to the West End (we’re seeing Les Mis) and I’m also going to a puppy room (which is just as it sounds; a room full of puppies)

Now if you’ve read any of my posts from late November, early December time, you will know about the exams and deadlines I faced. If you didn’t read that post, basically I had a few exams and essay deadlines over a short period and my resolution was to pace around the communal areas of my flat, stressing my flatmates out. It’s been over a month since that episode (how time flies!) meaning that I’ve now got all my results back (except one exam)

I am so incredibly impressed with how I’ve done, and I’m more proud of myself now than when I passed my A-Levels. To think, this time last year I was struggling madly with my exams at sixth form, particularly maths which had an effect on my other subjects.

Before I delve into my grades, in case you’re not familiar with the boundaries between grades; 60%-70% is a 2:1 and >70 is a first (roughly)

So… here we go

In my exam on evolution, I got 70%

On my essay on primate communication, I got 69%

On my essay on animism, I got 75%


It just goes to show how much difference studying the right subject, and the right place can do for your grades, and subsequently, your self esteem.

I hope you all have a week as positive and lovely as mine




Author: theextranotes

eighteen year old student living in London. posting thoughts on anything and everything. lover of all things extra.

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