2016: my year in review

The end of the year, the start of a new


Today is the 30th December 2016, the penultimate day of 2016. It is widely up for debate whether this year has been average, or pretty abysmal. Sure, a lot of well known deaths have shook the year, Dr Donald Henderson, Alan Rickman, George Michael and Carrie Fisher to name yet a few. And yeah, it’s been pretty divisive politically too, the results of Brexit and the US Election have split families and made the talk over Christmas dinner particularly explosive. But has it all been that bad??

In some ways, this year has been the same as any other. I have been happy with my life, and surrounded by ever supporting and loving friends and family; I am so blessed. Whilst this has remained a constant to me, there have also been some very drastic changes. First of all; moving away for university.

Without going on too much about this, moving away from home was very much a big deal. Not only did I arrive in an entirely new city, knowing no-one, unsure of what to expect, but I think I did a pretty good job of it. I have made so many friends, whom I genuinely care for and I have so many stories to tell. It’s unreal to think how it has only been three months into this adventure, and I have at least three years to go. Then after that, who knows? Maybe a masters to prolong to whole “getting a job”? Or just plunging into the inevitable and actually getting a job. I am grateful for my friends for making the transition so much easier.

Leaving my hometown was tough, so was leaving my school of seven years, so was leaving my job and my family and my friends. I can’t even begin to go into how much I cried whilst saying all my farewells. From my teachers at school, to the last night at home with my boyfriend, and my parents leaving me after helping me unpack at university. It was one of the hardest things I’ve done. But I got through it, and it proves, if only to myself how well I can deal with change.

I’m proud of myself for all I have achieved this year, I got accepted into university, passed my exams, passed my driving test, and looked after myself when I thought I couldn’t. To me, it’s been the biggest year for my own personal achievements. I can only hope for more to follow in 2017. (there shall be more on this in my next post of new years resolutions whenever I get round to doing it.)

Another more personal thing, is that my boyfriend and I are coming up close to our second anniversary, which just fills me with happiness to even think about. I’m so content, and absolutely in love. Which is nice.

I hope your year has been wonderful, and if not I hope that 2017 will bring all the joy you deserve.




Author: theextranotes

eighteen year old student living in London. posting thoughts on anything and everything. lover of all things extra.

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