Christmas Traditions

Although I’m not sure how it’s the holidays already, I am excited for Christmas


Hey guys,

Before I get all seasonal on you all, let me just update you on the last week of my life

Exams: smashed

Essays: submitted

Alcohol: consumed

Overall, a pretty good time.

I’ve been back home for just over a week now, and true to form, I’ve been to Wetherspoons on countless occasions. Being home has been lovely, spending time with family and my boyfriend and my friends. It’s also been lovely not having to worry about making sure there is enough milk or bread in. Or if my Oyster card is topped up. It’s the little things that really make me happy.

So here we are, on Christmas Eve 2016. As I’m writing this it’s 23.15, meaning that anytime soon good ol’ Father Christmas will be visiting millions of children up and down the county (and world.)  As you get older, the magic of Father Christmas fades and you get less excited for the holidays overall. I reason it to be down the fact that I am no longer in primary school and have thematic Christmas lessons in every subject; e.g. art: making box Santa’s. RE: Christmas songs. Geography: Find Bethlehem. etc. etc.

One thing that massively differs from family to family is Christmas traditions. Even now, with myself being 18, and my brother being 16, my parents insist that from 10pm on Christmas Eve, we are not allowed into the living room, just in case we walk in on Father Christmas “visiting.” Albeit half-jokingly, I was asked if I was going to leave a mince pie, and a glass of milk on the fireplace for any jolly visitors.

I have such fond memories of my childhood Christmases, each year the same routine would be played out, from the time my brother would come into my room to wake me up, to the phone call from my Godmother, to the Boxing Day visit from my Grandparents and cousins. The routine, even now is still the same and it could easily be possible for my brother to wake me at an insanely early time. Being the kind older sister, when my brother would wake me at 5.30, I would sedate him by watching elf with him, to allow my parents a little more valuable sleep.  Christmas traditions are such a personal thing for families, and I love hearing from people about their routines. From religious traditons, to additions to Christmas dinner that’s different, to joke gifts.

This is also my first Christmas as an adult meaning I can fully embrace new traditions, like drinking at every possibility. I have now been drinking three nights in a row, none of which were excessive but to my usual slow standards this is basically a binge. Let’s see if it continues, maybe this is a brand new ritual that I must follow year by year from now onwards. One thing that has jumped to my mind, which is more for myself than the readers: anthropological study of christmas traditions? I’m not sure how but there are so many variations of similar things between people, that it could be pretty interesting to look into.

I’ll probably (maybe) be posting more over this next week leading up to New Year, with a review of my year, maybe some resolutions if I’m willing to accept that I’m not already perfect. Who knows.


It’s now midnight. Merry Christmas, Happy holidays, have a good one

Love always,



Author: theextranotes

eighteen year old student living in London. posting thoughts on anything and everything. lover of all things extra.

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