Things I’ve learned at university

I’ve learned lots, except anthropology related issues


It has been ten weeks to the day since I marked my transition to adult by moving 241 miles from my home to London for university. I’ve definitely learned a lot over these weeks, and in the biggest cliché of bloggers, here are my top ones in a handy list.

  1. I can survive on my own  this  may seem the most obvious idea, but it’s true. This is the biggest thing for me without a doubt. I can do things for my own, including cleaning up a giant juice spill that soaked my entire bed; duvet, sheet, mattress protector and mattress topper. It was a disaster, which I fixed and only had to call my Mum once during the process. Success for Liv.
  2. Don’t move the milk: following one outburst from a flat mate (which is still one of the funniest things I’ve been blessed to see) we have learned to never move the milk so it is laying down. And leaking all over the fridge shelf and  most importantly, the twix packets. Despite the milk mover was never caught, rumors circulated about the culprit (it was briefly suspected to be me) and the event was to never repeat itself. Moral of this, basically don’t ruin other people’s twix’s; they get pissy about it.
  3. Poached eggs are the best meal. At this stage, poached eggs on toast, with spinach is a staple meal for me. It’s easy, tasty and looks super good on photos that I later Whatsapp to my Dad.
  4. Sleep is super important. Whilst university may be all fun and drinking games, it is also (apparently) a very expensive place of learning. I am a tired person naturally, with the mentally of a grandmother meaning that I greatly value sleep. I refuse to nap during the day because my sleeping pattern is that fragile, so all my sleep must be carried out overnight. However whilst at university, staying up until 3am doesn’t feel like an issue, providing I still wake up at my normal time of 9am. This continued pattern of little sleep has started taking its toll. Sleep is super important.
  5. Be kind, to everyone. It’s the littlest things that matter most, asking the bin man how he is, smiling at the lady at reception as you walk past, picking up your flatmate milk because you know she’s out. Doing the littlest things speaks volumes about your character. The little things show you care, more than over the top gestures, it shows you care even when thees no reason to. Back at sixth form, there was one lady who I walked past each morning, at the same point in the road, at the same time. Over a matter of weeks, I began to smile and say “hello” to her. This became a daily occurrence, I looked forward to seeing her in the mornings. She ended up wishing me good luck in my exams, even though I still don’t know her name. Be kind.
  6. £100 does not go far. When I was fourteen, I could make £100 last me months. Yes I didn’t have any real responsibility, and didn’t have to pay for ANYTHING, but I still frequently went to the cinema, or coffee shops with friends using my own money. Since moving to university £100 now feels like £60, and £60 now feels like £20. Financial responsibility sucks, and cereal costs so much.
  7. The best things are free. Linking onto what I just said, some of the best memories are free. Whether that be a film night, when your entire flat brings in duvet, pillows, mattresses and crowd around to watch Bridget Jones, or getting tickets to be in the audience for Live at the Apollo, or winning a competition to go ice skating at the Natural History Museum, the best things are free.
  8. Calling your mum can fix everything. Not a day goes by where I don’t contact my Mum, if anything moving 241.4 miles away has made me more open with what’s going on. I love my mum. Phone calls solve everything, even if there are no dilemmas, calling her makes me happy.


It’s fun living in London


cya next time



Author: theextranotes

eighteen year old student living in London. posting thoughts on anything and everything. lover of all things extra.

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