Panic! at the Deadline

All you slackers stand up sing ‘Hallelujah’


Another week another post, another time I’m at a loss at what to say.

This past week has been one of the happiest since my move, purely due to the fact that my boyfriend visited forĀ four whole days. (see my last post on home being a person, rather than a place.) It was very nice to see him, and do all the touristy things I’m still not fed up of doing yet (mostly Camden and China Town, because I’m a quirky student.) We also climbed up Primrose Hill; which was lovely, except for the fact I thought my legs were going to give out during the ascent. This really goes to show the high levels of exercise I maintain.


The view was really worth it, especially because it wasn’t raining.

Aside from giving me attention, the other reason my boyfriend visited was so we could go see Panic! At The Disco at Ally Pally. Also amazing. There’s not too much I can say on the show, without being the gushy fangirl, but the band were amazing, and I am still clueless how they played 18 songs with no rest in between.

The title of this post was a cross reference between Panic! at the Disco, and the insane amount of deadlines I’m facing. As a student, this is to be expected naturally; although I didn’t expect to have the deadline of three 1500 word essays, and two exams all in one week. All in one week just before Christmas. So now I’m Panic! at the Deadline. This post is hardly meaningful, but it’s something I need to vent. It’s all pretty intense.

My parents are visiting me this upcoming weekend and it’ll be really nice to have them in London. I am also looking forward to going to Asda with them, and getting food in. I’ve been meaning to go to buy milk in 48 hours, and just haven’t gotten around to it. Well, I did once get into the shop, to find no milk whatsoever, no semi skimmed, skimmed, full fat of any size at all. So the dreams of milk were gone.

Again, this post has just been my weekly summary typed out in an inelegant manor at 1am. So much for getting more sleep.

Hopefully next post won’t be as crap

Until next time,




Author: theextranotes

eighteen year old student living in London. posting thoughts on anything and everything. lover of all things extra.

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