Things I’ve learned at university

I’ve learned lots, except anthropology related issues


It has been ten weeks to the day since I marked my transition to adult by moving 241 miles from my home to London for university. I’ve definitely learned a lot over these weeks, and in the biggest cliché of bloggers, here are my top ones in a handy list.

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Panic! at the Deadline

All you slackers stand up sing ‘Hallelujah’

Another week another post, another time I’m at a loss at what to say.

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Where is home? Coming to terms with change.

So against all odds, we made it this far. By “we” I mean, myself and the grand total of zero readers I have accumulated. And by “this far” I mean literally just a second post. Honestly, the thought of writing this only came to me during my lecture on Political Anthropology; as interesting as it was, my mind does still wander.

And even as I’m writing this, as a distraction from typing notes, I find myself needing further distractions, whether that be painting my nails a shade suitable for mermaids, or updating my icon on Twitter.

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Introductions are weird.

A new start with awkward small talk

Introductions are always difficult, this is something I learned recently during my first days of university. Once you’d exhausted the name/course/hometown route there was often little more to say (or so I found.) Perhaps I’m making it seem more dramatic than it was, because in truth I have made several good friends since moving to university but the initial small talk was tough. So I’ll use my default introduction from freshers week. I’m Liv, I’m studying Anthropology and I’m from Yorkshire.

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